Volunteering, good for the soul

A few weeks ago I put out an appeal on twitter and Facebook for people to find me a dog home to help out and volunteer at. It came after seeing some very sad stories in the news about horrendous treatment of dogs in the local area. It made my blood boil and when that happens action almost always follows!

The recommendations came pouring in, but the one that really stuck out was Moorview Rescue they are based up just outside the beautiful town of Pateley Bridge, set up a great dirt path, it felt like I was escaping into the depths of the moors.


So on Sunday mum and I headed off in the car to do our first afternoon of volunteering. The drive up there took me right back to my childhood and as we approached the gates the sun began to shine!

Jo, the owner of the rescue centre greeted us with a beaming smile and an obvious passion for the dogs she saves.

Over on the Facebook page Jo explains what they do at Moorview

“We offer a safe environment for dogs that have been lost or neglected. With your help we aspire to give them a second chance in life and find them the perfect home. This is a non-profitable service that is provided from the good of our hearts and any extra help from your selves is greatly appreciated. The dogs currently staying at Moor-View are longing for a loving forever friend.”

Mum and I took up a whole load of food and treats for the dogs, the least we could do to help Jo and Darren who are doing so much for these dogs out of their own pockets.

We met and walked 4 of the rescue dogs, Ivy and Ollie, Roxy and Lily.

This is Ollie, he is the most gorgeous lurcher, he is so eager to be loved its hugely endearing. He is a little on the skinny side, mostly because he is so energetic and anxious. What he needs is a loving home, where he will get lots of attention and love. He loves having his ears rubbed and is all about the hugs. He has the most insanely green eyes and loved nothing more on Sunday than snuggling up on my knee chilling out in the sunshine.

ollieThis gorgeous girl is Trixie, shes only 12 months ish old, a boxer cross, she is super duper friendly and loves having her chest rubbed. 

2013-03-17 16.27.22

Then there is Ivy, I have never known a dog love as much as she does, she snuggles up and hangs her paws around your next just to be close to someone.


Lily is the most incredible little girl, she is a staffie cross, she loves jumping up on your knee a any given opportunity. She is awesome, full of beans and only a young-un.


Finally there is Roxy, Mum and I both fell in love with her and are at the moment trying to work out how to have her full time. She is so gentle, kind and loving. She looks so much like LB mums dog. I think that’s why we love her.


What struck me most of all is how loved these dogs are, its not often that you see rescue dogs that are happy to head back to kennels after a walk, but all 4 of the pups were just as keen to walk home and to walk away. This really made me smile, they might not have arrived at Moorview happy dogs, but Jo, Darren and Tanya are really doing so much to make them happy.

They are always looking for people to sponsor the dogs and at £5 a month its really an amount that most people can afford, you can go and visit the dog any time you like, you can take them for walk, even take them for the day.

On Sunday the 24th March Jo has organised a sponsored walk setting off from Tea Cups in Pateley Bridge which you can find out more about on Moorview’s Facebook page.

If you want to know anything else you can always ask me, comment on here and I will get back to you asap. Moorview is always looking for sponsorship. Currently they are building new kennels so they can take more rescue pups.

Volunteering made me incredibly happy, I felt like I had made a difference to those puppies days, even if only a small difference  its a difference non the less. It also felt great to have helped Jo out.


  1. 20th March 2013 / 12:42 pm

    Cute puppies! This might be a little off topic but a while back I wanted to volunteer to save lemurs on Madagascar (I’m obsessed with them) and it turned out to be something like 2000 dollars to do that! So crazy, right?! Maybe I should start by helping animals near me 🙂

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