Wanderlust For Asia

Travel is honestly one of the greatest gifts in life and losing myself in wanderlust is one of my favourite ways to waste a little, or a lot, of time!

“All that is gold does not glitter. Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

There are so many travel bloggers that I adore following, but there is something about The Layover Life that just fills me with heart swelling Asia wanderlust! Jess is a flight attendant and gets to travel the world for work, but also LOVES travelling for fun. So when she posted her Summer in Shanghai post earlier this year it really amped up my desire to escape to Asia for an adventure!

Up until the last year or so Asia was never really on my travel radar, I have family in Hong Kong and heaps of friends who travelled Asia on gap years and rave about it, but for some reason it never resonated with me. However, since realising that I need my holidays to do more than just offer a pool and sunshine and instead offer wonder and amazement, Asia ticket all the boxes.

Another huge push towards planning a trip to Asia was seeing the incredible Marina Bay hotel in Singapore, it has the most insane roof pool and garden, which put it firmly on my ‘Must Visit’ list!

However, it’s not just this insane hotel that has me plotting a trip, there are so many places in Asia are on my travel list so allow me a few moments of wanderlust…

asia wanderlust

asia wanderlust

asia wanderlust

Eating is alway high on my list when it comes to deciding where to escape to next. Whilst I am partial to an asian takeaway in front of the TV, I genuinely have no idea what traditional food in places like Shanghai, Hong Kong and further afield is truly like. However knowing how much I love Dim Sum at my favourite place in London, I can only imagine how incredible it is out there!

Having been an avid travel show watcher, I’m always enthralled by the markets and the fresh produce, the mentality of eating fresh and seasonally is at the heart of asian cuisine and that’s something I am 100% on board with. If anyone does authentic street food well, it’s them! The Traveller so beautifully describes Vietnamese coffee, and as an avid coffee queen, I know that’s first on my list when I land!

When I’m not staring down at a plate full of goodness I intend on starring up at a sky filled with architecture, or indeed marvelling at great expanses of nothingness, both of which I plan on doing big time on my trip. The thought of travelling from the metropolis of city life to the rice fields and beautiful waters that surround the islands of Asia make me swoon… I’m not always just taking photos for Instagram, but boy would skies like this look pretty on my feed! asia wanderlust

asia wanderlust asia wanderlustI love the noise of a new city, drifting off to sleep listening to life carrying on in the streets below you. As someone who can’t sleep in silence, it’s one of my favourite things to fall asleep too, the base tones of a city that never sleeps. On the flip side there is something so soothing about the sound of the occasional animal stalking past my room whenever I have slept out in the sticks.

Although Jack Whitehall might not be the first name you think of when you think of travel wanderlust, his recent Netflix series with his dad really did add to my need to travel east.

asia wanderlust

asia wanderlust asia wanderlust asia wanderlustI’m about as far from religious as it’s possible to be, but I must admit to finding real peace in temples, and in fact churches. I think for me it’s the quiet, the reflection and the moments of solitude that are captured within the walls.

No where does temples quite like Ankor Wat in Cambodia, it’s so breathe taking simply seeing it in photographs and on TV, I can only imagine how I would feel standing in it’s shadow!

With so many places and things to see on my wanderlust list, I thought I would write a places I want to go to asap!

  • Tiger’s Nest Temple, Bhutan
  • Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
  • Daehan Dawon, South Korea
  • Phewa Lake, Nepal

So now it’s time to ask for your help lovely readers, if you have been to Asia I WANT TO KNOW all about it! Comment here or tweet me and tell me your favourite places to stay, see, eat etc!


*This post is in collaboration with Exodus Travel 

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