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one shirt three ways

I have fabulously big boobs, a narrow waist and a booty that would give Nikki Minaj a run for her money, which means finding classic wardrobe staples can be a complete chore. The white shirt is my nemesis, no matter how many companies claim to make shirts for big boobed girls they always come out looking like something my primary school teacher in the 80’s would have worn. I appreciate the struggle designers have, when your fit model has the proportions of a pre-pubescent boy it can be hard to create suitable attire for the average women. However, thanks to a fluke unplanned shopping trip with a friend I happened across the GAP sale and low and behold a white shirt, the queen of white shirts. The Oxford Boyfriend Shirt.

I cannot tell you the joy I feel wearing this shirt, its 100% cotton so sits perfectly. The sleeves are fabulous buttoned down or rolled up, well spaced buttons make this a perfect big boob shirt. I am never going to be a wearer of suits, so my shirts have to be extremely versatile and fit with my casual boyfriend jeans as much as with my plethora of skirts and trousers.

As such I thought it would only be right to test drive the shirt with three of my favourite outfits. Every day jeans, my amazing neon skirt and my new favourite dungarees.
First up has to be this beautiful neon fit and flare skirt from ASOS which has been hugely neglected, however now we are approaching autumn I can see it becoming a work wear staple, it falls perfectly over my hips and flatters my less that flat tummy. It is also a fabulous colour, whilst we were shooting the pictures numerous people stopped us to ask where it was from, and as luck has it, it is currently in the ASOS sale and can be found here and also comes in teal and light grey.
The shirt is the perfect length to tuck in, teamed with a contrast belt to show off my waist, I adore this outfit and will be wearing it to work this week for sure.
asos skirt gap shirt
gap white shirt
Next up and another ASOS treat, this time in the form of these incredibly cute dungarees, dungarees I hear you say with a disparaging tone in your voice, yes dungarees, other wise known as the most comfortable item of clothing that you can legitimately wear in public. Much more of a chilled out look that the previous outfit but fabulous non the less, usually I add a splash of girliness to this kind of outfit with a pair of bright statement heels, but it works just as well for day wear with a cute pair of flats.
asos dungarees
gap white shirt
Lastly, surely the most classic of white shirt looks, the blue jeans, in this case GAP blue jeans. This is the ultimate look for me, understated but perfect when it fits. I never thought that GAP would become a go to high street store for me, but the sizing is great, the attention to detail is second to non and the staff have that wonderful american charm to them even over here.
I would jazz this look up with a large statement necklace, fabulous statement heels and a pop of colour on my lips, but for frolicking in the sunshine, bare feet and simple nude makeup worked just as well.
gap shirt
gap white shirt
I will be honest with you, as soon as I found this fab shirt I went online and bought it in all the variations possible, its been a delight to wear a shirt that not only fits but looks fabulous to boot!
What is your ultimate white shirt outfit?
Fabulous photos by the hugely talented Matt Barnard who, cannot recommend him highly enough, you can also find him over on twitter.


  1. 3rd September 2013 / 1:42 pm

    Looking fabulous missy! I need a classic white shirt – I can never get my hands on one that doesn’t gape in the boob area! xx

  2. 4th September 2013 / 10:02 am

    You look great Emma the photos are amazing, especially loving your yellow skirt! I may have to try GAP; I stopped wearing shirts because of the gape.

  3. 5th September 2013 / 3:25 pm

    Hello, gorgeous!! Love the white shirt on you 🙂

  4. 22nd September 2013 / 2:14 pm

    These photos are great! I especially like the one in the yellow skirt.

    blue hue wonderland

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