Wonderful People

If its true that like attracts like then I must be absolutely fabulous!

Not to blow my trumpet too much you understand but I have met the most amazing people on this journey of mine – they are way too numerous to mention in person, I don’t want to bore you with some long list. However there are those who must be mentioned.

In Italy I laughed with a gorgeous guy who flirted outrageously with me in a gelateria in Florence and Rita the most amazing cook who invited me into her life and her kitchen and taught me a little of what it means to be Italian. I met Naomi from Canada who was travelling with her mother – we met on a stormy night in Aquafredda on the coast below Sorrento, she made me feel young and enthusiastic again and I fell just a little in love with her youth and vibrancy.

travel hopefully


This love affair with amazing people has continued into my journey around the USA.

In the most unexpected places and at times when I have generic ambien teva needed them, the most wonderful people have popped up to make me smile or even laugh out-loud. I am learning that there is joy and excitement to be experienced when least expected.

From Mark the young Irish man who sat next to me on my flight to Chicago who was filled with enthusiasm as he stepped into the unknown of a new life in Canada to the lady I sat next to at the free open air concert in Grant park. I never knew her name but we fell to chatting and shared our love of travelling.

photo 2


In Chicago and Washington, from The Florida Keys via Fort Lauderdale and Gainesville new friends and the best of cousins have conspired to make me smile.

photo 3

Tonight on this most perfect of evenings at the Mansion Hotel and Restaurant at 700 Drayton Street in Savannah where I was invited to view their private art collection and welcomed by Patrick the restaurant manager I couldn’t have had better experiences if I had been the Queen of England herself!

photo 4

Forever yours…

….Traveling Hopefully

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