YO! Sushi Comes to Harrogate

Harrogate is awash with awesome indies that I regularly frequent, and whilst I am pro indie lover all the way, there are a few chains that have my heart and Yo! Sushi is top of that list!

Whether grabbed in the airport or a long lunch to catch up with friends Yo! is a favourite, so when rumours began that it would be coming to Harrogate I was beside myself with glee.

Now, I’m not going to talk you through every dish I had, because firstly that would mean admitting how many dishes I have and secondly I honestly can’t remember I was ravenous so they were swiftly devoured.

I was invited along on opening day to the Harrogate Yo! and decided it was only right that my Yo! partners in crime Claire and Craig should come along. We’ve been doing Blue Mondays for years and usually had to traipse over to Leeds for it, but no that’s not longer the case!

yo! sushi Harrogate

The reason I love Yo! Sushi is simple, it’s tasty, fresh food is served on a carousel that surrounds an open kitchen, and who doesn’t love a little theatre whilst they eat, the range of dishes is so vast I don’t think even the keenest sushi fan could get through trying them all, and finally they have awesome staff who make the whole experience even more enjoyable.

Yo! Sushi Harrogate Yo! Sushi Harrogate Yo! Sushi Harrogate Yo! Sushi Harrogate

Favourites of mine that always make it from the conveyor belt and in to my tummy include first off, edamame beans with rock salt, Kaiso Salad which is made up of marinated mixed seaweed, edamame and carrots in a su-miso dressing, delicious!

Then it’s time for the hand rolls, delectable parcels made from seaweed encasing surimi, avocado, mayo and toasted sesame seeds, mmmmm.

Next up it’s time for Teryaki Beef, Duck Gyoza and if I’m feeling particularly naughty then a Katsu Curry too!

Yo Sushi is now open in Harrogate in the new development that was once Sunwin House, if you’re a Yo fan in Harrogate rejoice not having to trek to Leeds to get your fix!

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